Tax Check Pro software offers many features and tools to help you grow your tax office, manage your customers, increase profits and help you run your tax office more efficiently.

Our Software Features

Brandable Phone App

Convenience is quickly becoming a key part in today’s tax preparation and customer service landscape.  By offering your clients a custom branded mobile application, it allows your clients the ability to provide all tax information and documents on their time directly through their mobile device.  All they have to do is download your app, snap a photo of their documents, upload and sign.  It’s that simple!

Paperless Office Solutions

Printer jams, empty ink cartridges and lost paper work is outdated.  With our software you won’t have to worry about wasting time at the printer and spending hundreds if not thousands on paper and ink for all of your printing needs.

Text Messaging

Keep in communication with your valued clients.  The ability to send cusomized text messages direct to your clients allows you to stay top of mind and remind them to visit your office this tax season and not your competition!

Cloud Reporting

Accessing your data can be critical in times of need.  Our platform offers real time cloud reporting that gives you live reports, data and information on the fly.  You’ll never have to manually request data reports that take forever to be delivered.

Multi-Office Management

Managing and operating a single location can be tough enough.  Running a multi-unit tax business comes with a whole other set of challenges you must be prepared for.  Our Multi-Office management functionality gives you the ability to control and manage the most important aspects to run your locations smoothly.  Management, office configuration and realtime reporting is just a click away.


Your brand is one of your business’s most important asset.  When it comes to retaining customers you need to ensure they know, like and trust you.  The ability to completely brand our software allows you to keep your business and brand awareness at the forefront of all communications with your customers.

Identity & Credit Protection

Security in today’s digital age is a top priority for us as well as our clients.  With our Protect My ID package, your customers will receive 24 x 7 cyber-monitoring and security.  If a client’s ID has been compromised, DefendMyID will know about it and alert the system immediately.  Our protection will assist blocking identity theft techniques used to gain access to client information.

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